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On Sunday (June 21st) we had our first re-opened Worship Service at Shallow Lake United Church. It was different, but it was rich, spirit filled, everyone felt safe and comfortable, and we enjoyed fellowship (even with masks and social distancing).

If you wish to join us this Sunday, we will continue to make it safe, comfortable, and Spiritual experience.
If however, you are not able to come, or not yet comfortable being out in a crowd, we certainly understand, and bless your decision. In fact you would be in the majority, as most churches in the area have chosen to remain closed. So, I will continue to send Sundays Worship Service and Sermon to you.

Much of the liturgy (prayers and music) reminds us that we are always in
God's time, morning, day and evening, 24/7.

The scripture reading takes place in the midst of Jesus sending out his

and reminds us that Christ also send us out you and me both, and that we
are linked in this call.

Giving and receiving from each other, enabling God's Kingdom in us, the
church and the world.

May God Richly Bless You and Your Ministry
God's Grace, Peace and Strength to You
Rev. Ed

Protocols during Covid-19

Protocol for Shallow Lake United Church services


Following is a list of what our members and guests can expect when attending services at Shallow Lake United Church during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • During the warmer summer months the doors will be kept open so that all who enter do not have to actually touch the door to open it.  The re-opening committee are considering installing a toe grabber to assist with opening the doors in the cooler months.  Optionally we may have someone there who opens the door for everyone as they arrive.

  • Once inside the narthex there will be a hand sanitizing station for all to use and a table setup with bulletins for members and guests to pick up your own bulletin.

  • There will be a member of the board seated in the narthex recording names of everyone attending the service.  This information will be used in the event contact tracing becomes necessary.  Once we are through COVID this information will be destroyed. 

  • Everyone will be asked to wear a mask, however we will respect those who have issues with wearing a mask to not wear one.  Masks will be provided for those who do not have one.  Ed has indicated that he will not be wearing a mask during the service but will be staying at the front of the church well away from everyone in attendance.

  • There will be arrows directing everyone into the sanctuary and then indicating where to go when in there.  We will be using every other pew with the back pew staying vacant in case anyone needs to use that pew for support as they walk along.  All useable pews will be marked with tape designating the six foot distance required, unless you are members of the same household and then you may sit together. 

  • Reverend Ed will stay at the front of the sanctuary and will assist with giving directions to all who enter if there are any questions.

  • There will be instrumental music at the very least, we may not be able to sing unless we are all wearing masks.  We will be able to use the hymn books and at least hum along, some items such as this are still being explored to ensure we do what is safest for all involved.  Our musicians may be up top on one side closer to the piano with Ed using the pulpit on the opposite side.

  • The upstairs bathroom off the narthex will be available for use.  We ask that anyone using it use the hand sanitizer outside the door and follow the hand washing and cleaning instructions that will be posted inside.

  • The basement of the church, including the bathrooms, will be roped off and not available for use at this time.

  • When the service is over Ed will leave through the front of the church and will be the only one using that door.  Everyone else will leave using the doors in the narthex.  When leaving the sanctuary we would ask that those in the back pews closest to the door leave first, followed by the next row and so on until that side is empty and then repeat the sequence on the opposite of the sanctuary.  Keeping in mind the six foot distancing required at all times.

  • The offering plate will be located at the back of the sanctuary close to the exit doors, to allow all of us to continue to give to the church and to ensure we maintain our social distancing recommendation of six feet.

  • There will not be a coffee hour after church but socializing at a safe distance outside after church is encouraged.

  • We may also have windows open and have the fans running to assist with ventilation.

  • Sunday School will NOT be re-starting until September.  It is felt that we should follow the school guidelines on this as we are not able to keep the distancing requirements with the children and the basement area is not available for use at this time.


We, the board of Shallow Lake United Church, look forward to seeing everyone back in church as you feel safe in being there.  And we look forward to this pandemic being over so that we can return to a more normal service and visitation afterward.




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Shallow Lake, Ontario


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