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Our church works hard and takes great pride in fostering an environment where all of its members and the greater community who come to church to worship and attend church functions can enjoy a friendly and rewarding experience.


For the history of the Shallow Lake UC, go to the History Tab.


In 2015, at the 42nd General Council of the United Church, delegates voted in favour of several "denomination-changing" proposals, including a reorganization from a four-court structure to a three-council structure. The Shallow Lake United Church is one of approximately 189 charges that make up the new Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council and it is one of 16 administrative groupings in The United Church of Canada, replacing former conferences and presbyteries.

The Shallow Lake United Church is governed by an Official Board from the congregation. Many other volunteers are involved in making our church a healthy and comfortable place to worship and enjoy social events.


On June 24, 2012, Shallow Lake United Church made a covenant with the Pastoral Charge of Wiarton and Clavering United Churches to share ministerial services.  Rev. Ed Laksmanis will be with us for the weekly church services at Shallow Lake UC at 9:30am and take care of all other pastoral duties. Since 2012 Clavering UC has closed, and Rev. Ed Laksmanis now shares his time between Shallow Lake UC and WIarton UC.

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