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What became known as the Village of Shallow Lake was first visited in the year 1862, who settled beside the creek which empties into the body of water that gave the village its name.  During the summer months, the lake dried up leaving a chalky deposit known as marl on its floor.  The marl held the necessary elements required for the manufacture of Portland cement.

Village of Shallow Lake, Ontario

The Village of Shallow Lake dates its history back to the year 1862.  Its first settlers were Mr. & Mrs. Butterworth, and Mrs. Butterworth’s eldest son, John Spencer and his bride of six months.  They came here from Whitby where they had first settled on their arrival from Ireland, a few years before.


At that time Shallow Lake was a dense forest, blazes on the trees being the only means of knowing how to get around. These pioneers set to work to build a home and before the winter set in they had a fine log house and barn on the property now occupied by Mr. & Mrs. A. Dymott.  The house was torn down many years ago to make room for the present building.  The barn was torn down just a few years ago and the logs were used to build a cottage at Sauble Beach.

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Our church has a long history starting in the 1800's. Read the many stories below by clicking the arrows to reveal each section. 

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The Ministers who served at Shallow Lake United Church from its beginnings are listed as follows:

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